A little hope for your Tuesday.

Survey Shows Publishing Expanded Since 2008:

And I can tell you firsthand that I've seen shrimp and (even better) soft cheeses at publishing parties--which is a most delicious economic indicator.

Am I worried? Er, yes. A little. But there are reasons to be very hopeful, too.

And the winners are...!

Through the totally subjective process (defined loosely as "What made GK giggle-choke on her breakfast?"), the winners are:

1. For pure cringeworthiness and irony: Elizabeth Reinhardt!

2. Because I can totally picture this invite changing the full nature of the party (and, also, because the things that stay with us for years often do so for a reason), Jayneorama!

3. And simply because I made a similar gaffe in high school, Diana, with her fortifying chips!

Ladies, please email me at AgencyGatekeeper (at) gmail (dot) com with your mailing addresses. I'll reply with a questionnaire to help determine the best treats to send your way.

Thank you, everyone, for playing!

The winners of the Grammar Girl Giveaway will be announced Monday afternoon.
I rather enjoyed this article on the making of The Help, the movie.