Carrie Nation, the Prohibition documentary, theme drinks, and Victorian ladies smashing things

May I highly recommend the Prohibition documentary?

Well. It's excellent. My favorite part, so far, has to do with Carrie Nation, an older woman (in Victorian garb, no less) who would go into bars and, well, smash them.

Can you imagine this woman smashing things? Neither can I.
It also does a fabulous job of making both side sympathetic--and of weaving in other historical occurrences.

Now, if someone on Etsy would just make tiny bathtubs for the serving of gin, would I have a theme viewing party for you!


Joy said...

hahaha! I've never seen her picture, but I'm pretty sure I've heard of her. If it's the same person, I think she used a hatchet to destroy the bars? She might be wearing a dress, but look at her face - she means business. It's almost like she's daring you to try and stop her. I know I wouldn't want to get in her way! :)

Melissa said...

Loved the Lois Long excerpts. She could certainly bring the 1920s snark. I laughed out loud several times.

Melissa said...

I loved the sign over bars that said, "All nations welcome--except Carrie." The whole series is so much fun, especially while sipping gin.

Rowenna said...

Ha! Well, that is one way to share your opinion. *Looks for something immoral to smash with my stapler*

Colin Smith said...

I caught some of the documentary. It looked interesting. Thanks for the recommendation--I'll have to try to catch it sometime.

Manon Eileen said...

Lol. I sort of can imagine her doing it, her expression is very acrid, even if she's dressed in Victorian garb.

I'd love to watch that doc, though I doubt it will be broadcasted in The Netherlands ;p.

Ron Smith said...

I am enjoying this show. I love looking at the archival footage of people in the "saloons."

Yes, Joy, Carrie Nation did carry a little hatchet. There was a great shot of her holding it on the show.

Total bad ass.

Um, that didn't want people to drink.