And the winners are...!

Through the totally subjective process (defined loosely as "What made GK giggle-choke on her breakfast?"), the winners are:

1. For pure cringeworthiness and irony: Elizabeth Reinhardt!

2. Because I can totally picture this invite changing the full nature of the party (and, also, because the things that stay with us for years often do so for a reason), Jayneorama!

3. And simply because I made a similar gaffe in high school, Diana, with her fortifying chips!

Ladies, please email me at AgencyGatekeeper (at) gmail (dot) com with your mailing addresses. I'll reply with a questionnaire to help determine the best treats to send your way.

Thank you, everyone, for playing!


Jen Daiker said...

*cries* It's a sad day for me. However, these lovely ladies are quite the winners!

I'm more jealous of the treats than the books... is that sad? It seems you have an extra sweet tooth, like myself.

elizabethreinhardt said...

Woot! I'm very glad the horrifying grammar I've giggled at privately has helped others laugh out loud...if I didn't laugh at it, I'd have to cry!