One of the other agents on my panel this morning says that she gets back to all writers within three weeks--at which point, I believe, the other agent and I froze, mouths open. Three weeks? Really? Most agents take three months!

"Do you ever get a ridiculous pile of manuscripts, like 80, in your inbox?" I'd asked her--the way one makes pleasant, upbeat small talk--before the panel.

"I don't request very many," she said. I wasn't sure if it was a "You mean you do?" or a "You don't know not to?" or an "I'm just picky" or a "My email can hold a total of one megabyte" or an "I never counted" response.

Oh well.

She was carrying a Strand bag--most people carrying Strand bags are nice--so I will assume it was an "I'm just picky."

And yes, they do literally have 18 miles of books, if one measures each shelf. 


MeganRebekah said...

Isn't it funny how one comment can have so many different meanings?

I want to go to that bookstore now too, and walk through the miles of books!

Agency Gatekeeper said...

The way it's arranged, you can tell that it's big, but it's hard to know just how big it is. It's three stories, the bottom story holding my favorite section--half-priced new books! Woot! A little mezzanine area also has pretty awesome coffee table books.

But yes! Highly recommended. Especially when accompanied by a treat from Max Brenner: Chocolate by the Bald Man across the street.

:) said...

Maybe it means, "Requesting manuscripts only encourages them to write more," or, "I try to keep my request:reject ratio below 1:100. All the top agents are doing it."

But I suspect it means, "I can't really handle any more clients."


P.S.: You can use that next time.

Talia Vance said...

I am going to NYC soon and I will not miss the Strand! Filled with all the wonderful manuscripts the picky agent has missed. I almost feel sorry for her.