Now that it's almost considered helping the little guy to shop at a brick and mortar store (what is the world coming to?) I'm somewhat less embarrassed to admit that I am a shameless user of the B&N store pick-up program.

Find the book you're looking for, click on its cover, click Find in a Store, type in your zip, search, click Pick Me Up, fill out a form and get a text when it's ready. It'll be waiting behind the counter in an hour.

The Strand has the same--but it takes a few days. For "I want that book NOW" situations, B&N works well.

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Lindsay said...

There's nothing wrong with a little convenience now and again but I agree with you that when time permits, the bookstore experience is nice. To enjoy the process of looking for a new book (the sight and smell of physical books lining the shelves produces a catnip-like effect on me), a small, cozy family-owned bookstore can't be beat. Think "The Shop Around the Corner" from the movie You've Got Mail. . . too cute and too rare.