GoodReads New York Literary Pub Crawl

Gatekeeper is attending the GoodReads New York Literary Pub Crawl. Free (excepting drinks) and open to the public. Come along!

Goodreads proudly announces its first New York City Lit Pub Crawl!

Join us as we channel our inner John Cheever and Dorothy Parker with a night of fun in SoHo, Nolita and the East Village.

Start your night right at Housing Works. Grab a bite to eat, have a beer and enjoy readings by 
Colson WhiteheadEmily St. John Mandel andAmy King. After that, we will travel to Botanica and Tom and Jerry's before finishing the night at KGB Bar.

Along the way, toast great American writers. Be prepared to honor your favorites. Perhaps a glass of rye whiskey for Salinger, a champagne cocktail in memory of Parker, a mint julip for Faulkner, a boilermaker for Bukowski, or a splash of Wild Turkey for London.

We will provide a cheat sheet to help you on your writerly way.



Connie said...

I wish I could be there. But I hoist a mint julep in absentia.

shertz said...

Does this sound like heaven to anyone else? Might just have to add it to the bucket list.