An Edge-of-Gatekeeper's-seat manuscript

I know I've got a good YA manuscript when it starts to make me uncomfortable--that whole age is uncomfortable, and if I start to get nervous--nervous like I would be, were I to walk down a junior high hallway now (never mind that I'm still the same height as most of the kids), it means the world is vivid, well-drawn, compelling and worth following. And then the sensory stuff starts. YA Protagonist finds her hair was messy while facing a rival; my hand goes to mine, searches for tangles. Protagonist gets hungry, I think (more) about Buffalo mozzarella. Protagonist smiles at a cute boy and her ears flush; mine get warm. Cute boy admits to liking Protagonist--and I grin like an idiot.

And protagonist slowly edges into paranormal territory--but it's page 36 and something better happen by page 60--and my nerves are a wreck. It's like watching television. It's like yelling at the televised soon-to-be-victim, usually a slight girl running up the stairs where a murderer waits, No! Hurry! Get out! Call 911! THERE'S A KILLER IN YOUR COAT CLOSET!

Except...I have faith that something will happen, and at just the right time.

Time for a lunch break to collect myself (Trader Joe's cheesy green chile tamales--highly recommended), and then--we'll see. Aw, who am I kidding? Manuscript is coming with me, on the Kindle.


And yes, just in case you're wondering, Gatekeeper has a *slight* obsession with cheese. The buffalo mozzarella came up because I kept seeing the word "buffalo"; the green tamales--well, I really like them (and not just because they're portable and fit easily into a purse) and eat them often.

But the main thing is that, one time, I came back from a book event, and my boss asked me how it was. My response? "The cheese was excellent!" Now, well, it's a running office joke.


MeganRebekah said...

You know, I think more places/events should be judged by their quality of cheeses :)

I hope the new book continues as wonderfully as it started!

Gwen Hayes said...

I am a big fan of cheese also.

Agency Gatekeeper said...

There is an amazing store here called Murray's Cheese Shop. There are literally *hundreds* of cheeses in this tiny store. And most are available for sampling.


I'm sure your agent would take you.

Judith said...

Good to know I'm not the only one who gets sucked into the high school dramas of YA

Clara said...

Wow, I am a cheese lover too. No, seriously, I even put this on my about me section on my blog.

Hope the book ends up to be as good as the start!

Michelle said...

The cute-boy thing is the big red button failsafe you see in all those James Bond movies. ;) Keeps me reading for sure.